Linenbee for better living

We are a small mom and daughter studio based in Latvia (North-East of Europe) and we hand-make each item that you order from us using only linen. 
When you order with us you can trust that the garments you are wearing are produced ethically and with human and environmental sustainability in mind. When you order with us you can know that each item is made specifically for you. This made-to-order model is at the core of how we want to do business for multiple reasons: 

1) We appreciate and want to cater to diversity - our bodies are beautiful and should be honoured with items that are made based on the actual measurements, rather than shamed for not fitting some abstract standards. Yes, correct - when you order with us you can let us know your actual body measurements and if you desire any modifications. We do not charge extra for that. 

2) We care about the quality of craftsmanship! When a tailor can work on one item from start to finish (rather than just sewing one part of the garment, e.g. sleeve, as it is common in fast fashion factories), it creates not only a different connection between the maker and what is being made, but also allows to advance the crafts(wo)mans' skills.  

3) We respect our environment and want to make sure that we are not producing extra waste. Large fashion chains pre-order thousands of pieces of the same item that are discarded after sales. We do not create unwanted inventory that would be discarded. Our choice to work only with 100% pure linen grown and produced in Europe is the other side to this - linen made from flax means zero waste (its fully biodegradable) and growing flax means zero irrigation, zero defoliant, zero GMO. It is one of the least processed fibres in the textile market. 

Let us know if you have any questions about us or how we do business. Subscribe to our newsletter or say hi on Instagram! 

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