Linen bath towel, natural towel

Natural linen towel for your shower, bath, spa and sauna experience. Beautiful light taupe woven linen towel with a fantastic texture.
Using it your skin will feel clean, vigorous and and wide awake. Absorbs water really well and dries quickly.

Dimensions: approximately 49"x 37.4" [125 x 95 cm]

In comparison with softer and thicker bath towels, this natural linen towel will soak up the water from your skin much faster and also will dry faster. A win - win. Linen is also known for its antiallergenic and antiseptic qualities. After all is also an eco-friendly and smart choice.

Additionally, we also love how decorative it looks in bathroom.

The linen bath towel has been made from 100% pure natural European linen, and the fabric has the leading OEK TEK 100 certification for no harmful substances (Confidence in Textiles).



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