Ready to Ship:Loose Womens Shirt with Buttons, Size L

Ready to ship. Loose Womens Shirt with Buttons, Linen Shirt, Plus size shirt, Tunic Shirt, Summer shirt, light shirt, boho shirt, Linen Top White Light Top

Color: Textured Taupe
Will fit size: L

Finished measurements:
21" / 53cm wide at bust
23" / 58cm wide at hips
26" / 67cm long (the front of the shirt)

Gorgeous loose linen shirt with buttons down the front.

Simple and feminine silhouette with 3/4 sleeves.

An item in your wardrobe that will prove itself as a timeless value. Will suit you perfectly for a day on the beach just as well as a city stroll. An airy and light top to wear.

Great comfort provided by the loose, extra long cut and fantastic linen. The rear of the shirt is curved and longer than the back.


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