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Creating an organic ambience in your home with Boho Gauzy Linen Curtains

October 06, 2021 2 min read

Creating an organic ambience in your home with Boho Gauzy Linen Curtains

We offer all sorts of linen curtains - from very formal ones, to kitchen valances. When it comes to relaxed natural atmosphere, the Boho Gauze Linen Curtains are our absolute favorites. The adorable wrinkle of the gauze linen is just dreamy and the light comes through soft and gentle.

We offer them in ivory/creamy off-white and natural taupe. They can have also a beautiful set of ruffles

If you are going for a relaxed, organic boho vibe in your rooms these curtains will be hands down perfect. They have quickly turned into much loved pieces for many. Here are some things that our clients say about them: 

These sheer linen curtains are so beautiful. They diffuse light coming into my room in the exact way I was hoping for. It’s perfect for when I want light coming in, but some extra privacy than a completely open window. It makes a cute and cozy backdrop for my plants :) I layered mine with a blackout curtain behind. (Melissa Sep 21, 2020)


I’m really happy with these curtains. They have a more unique flair then the average linen curtains. The gauze linen adds a nice texture to the room. (Shannon Jun 3, 2021)

Amazing quality. The hand made feel is there. (Eric Jul 29, 2021)

However, because of the wrinkling of the gauzy linen, the measurements are always approximate. So a neat trick that we recommend is that you can use the length of the ties to adjust how long the curtains hang. Here is a quick video showing how I tied them to a rod. As you'll see, we use these as a room divider in our cabin. 


We used a piece of a birch branch as a rod to tie our boho linen curtains to. It really fits the overall natural ambience. You can tie the ties really tight around the rod as we did here, or you can tie in a looser manner leaving more space between the rod and the curtain. That will also make your curtain hang lower.

Gauzy linen curtain with ties, off white color, soft sunlight filtering through

 Here is an image of how they look in natural taupe. It has that more rustic quality that we commonly associate with linen. 

natural gauze linen curtain Linenbee

And here is a quick look at how opulent they look with gorgeous two layers of ruffles at the bottom. I can easily imagine them being used for bed canopy, as room dividers, and of course as curtains :) 

Boho ivory linen curtain with ruffle


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