Linen Tunics and Dresses

Handmade linen tunics and dresses for women. Various sizes ranging from petite to plus size. Made individually from 100% pure European linen by your Linenbee team.

Linen Tunic and Dresses To Make Your Summer Perfect

Linen tunics and dresses

When it comes to ever-changing fashion, Linen tunic is an exception. It is an evergreen trend in the fashion industry. It is a loose-fitting short dress, or you can say a long shirt. In summer, you can wear a relaxing tunic shirt pair with trousers for a stunning look. The stunning linen tunic is an evergreen trend since the time of Romans and Greek. It still has not loosened its popularity and beauty. The Latin called it Tunica. In the ancient Mediterranean region, it is worn by both women and men.

It can be designed variously. But the primary way to create tunic is to sew the side of two pieces of linen that is held by clasps. It can be worn sleeveless or with sleeves with a belt at the waist. In the European Middle Ages, the tunic was worn by both laymen and ministry. Then in the 14th century, it was succeeded by the adapted body garment. Even after the continuous developing fashion, the linen tunic did not lose its value. It is still in style and will ever be.

When it’s come to fabric, linen is considered irreplaceable in the summer. The material has the property of being cold in hot and humid weather. Nothing can substitute linen when it is about summer dresses, especially for traveling. The linen fibers allow the airflow while maintaining a distance from the body that lets the body breathe. You can depend on this fabric to look stunning as well as comfortable. Yes, it is a complete package for you, “Look + Comfort,” Two qualities that are difficult to find at the same time.

When paired with sandals or pumps, the linen tunic and dresses increase your beauty on its own. You can even dress up for work or evening functions with a beautiful cardigan and stylish jacket. You can use scarfs with linen tunic to look stunning. You can use any accessory with linen tunic to look gorgeous. You can even choose different colors and patterns for different occasions. The pure fabric makes you feel comfortable by keeping away the moisture. For all size of women, we provide the handmade linen tunic and dresses. Made purely of 100% European linen by our experts.

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