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Linenbee for better living

Just like many of us also our family in the recent years has been seeking ways to lead a more simple, mindful and harmonious life.

Obtaining and renovating an small, more than century old farmstead in Latvian countryside with an adorable wooden log house was an important part of the process. The previous family, who built the farmstead, had left us a closet full of heirloom linens - monogrammed, hand stitched, smooth and almost silky from the years of washing and beating (we even found the washing bat that was used for laundry). There was no other way we could honour this history than by adding to that collection linens of our own making.

Friends and relatives who stayed with us also appreciated the airy crispness and natural quality of linen bedding and towels and encouraged us to start sewing them for wider audiences. That is how Linenbee was born.

We love linen because it is eco-friendly, long lasting and versatile.

♥ Linen has a character - it becomes softer and softer with wash and wear. It also one of the few fabrics that looks amazing both wrinkled and ironed.
♥ Linen is also extremely comfortable - it is cool in summer and warm in winter, it is antiallergenic, soaks water well and dries quickly.
♥ And above all linen flax is an ecologically-responsible fibre: zero waste, zero irrigation, zero defoliant, zero GMO. As we are establishing our own organic farmstead being eco-friendly is really important for us.

We hope that Linenbee linens will become heirloom items also in your life. 

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