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Christmas Gifts - your favorites from Linenbee

December 05, 2019 2 min read

Christmas Gifts - your favorites from Linenbee

It is so exciting for us to be making gifts for your family and friends. 

Here are some of your favorites that we see make excellent gift! 

Linen Loungewear

Ranging from this Victorian inspired floor length nightgown with linen lace to the more simple slip dresses and always handy linen robes, linen loungewearis one of the most favorite gifts to give and receive.  


Linen Kaftans for men

Also for men, the super comfortable and airy linen kaftans make a wonderful gift. I can share that this is one of the most favorite gift men in our family look forward to receiving. 

mens linen kaftan


Linen towels 

Linen towels - either for bath or kitchen are such a good choice. Did you know that flax (the fibre from which linen is made) is one of the only fibres that gets stronger/more durable when its wet? Amazing. But linen towels absorb water quick and also dry quick, so amongst other situations they are great for traveling. 

linen towels

 Linen Aprons

Ah, it is such a joy to wear a pure linen apron. This season our new, cute, vintage inspired apron has been an absolute hit! But you keep also loving the more classic pinafore aprons that are so great for all sorts of crafts. 

linen apron


These are just a few of the things we see being bought more often as gifts in this pre-holiday time. There is of course much more that you can find at our store that will make the most special gift - ranging from bed linen to clothing and beautiful linen scarves and shawls. And if you find it hard to choose - remember that there is also a Gift card

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