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Mens Linen Shirt with Short Sleeves, Linen Polo shirt

Loosely fitted linen shirt for men with short sleeves.

Made from high quality softened 100% pure European linen.

You can choose between white, natural linen taupe or black linen.

Perfect for casual events or under a jacket. Eco friendly and comfortable style.

Linen is a great choice for shirts, especially for warm weather as the fabric is breathing and highly absorbent. It will allow you to feel cool when it is hot and warm you when it gets chilly.

And above all- we love the effortless, slightly crumpled effect linen clothing has.

The shirt is sewn with great care and attention to detail.

Each piece is individually cut, sawn and pre-washed. We really love making clothing for various sizes - from petit to plus size and more. For the best fitting of this shirt please let us know the following measurements:

- Your height
- Your bust circumference
- Your waist circumference
- Your neck circumferences (measured over your adams apple)
- Optionally your bicep circumference

Size Chart for Guidance:

Bust: fits bust around 92cm / 36.2"
Waist: fits waist around 82cm / 32.2"
Hips: fits hips around 92cm / 36.2"

Bust: fits bust around 96 cm / 38"
Waist: fits waist around 86 cm / 34"
Hips: fits hips around 96 cm / 38"

Bust: fits bust around 104 cm / 41"
Waist: fits waist around 94 cm / 37"
Hips: fits hips around 104 cm / 41"

Bust: fits bust around 112 cm / 44"
Waist: fits waist around 102cm / 40"
Hips: fits hips around 112 cm / 44"

Bust: fits bust around 120 cm / 47"
Waist: fits waist around 110 cm / 43.2"
Hips: fits hips around 120 cm / 47"

Please let us know if you need different measurements.

Care instructions:
- washable in gentle wash cycle
- preferably lukewarm water
- straighten and hang to dry

Note that colours may look different on your display depending on their settings and technical characteristics. If you are uncertain and the exact tone is really important, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

A++, e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t customer service, everything is perfecttttt, it used to be customised ( not the last time I checked the item) and I am very happy with how it turned out! speechless, merveilleux!

Perfect! Highly recommended and a pleasure to du business...

Perfect! Highly recommended and a pleasure to du business with.

Excellent seller. Great products. Thank you.

Excellent seller. Great products. Thank you.

Thank you fits very well looks great on my son..Merry...

Thank you fits very well looks great on my son..Merry Christmas

I'm very happy my wife pointed this out to me! It looks and...

I'm very happy my wife pointed this out to me! It looks and feels great, and they did a wonderful job sizing it. There's nothing quite like made-to-order clothing, especially if you're anything other than a perfectly-sized model. Zane and Inese couldn't have been nicer in their conversations with me about measurements and sizing...and the result was perfect. Come on, warm weather!

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