Pegged Capri Linen Pants, Linen Trousers

Size Guide

Simple and compfortable pegged linen pants cropped to lower calf, for every day comfort be it at work, beach or city stroll.

Choose from various linen colors we have on offer.

The trousers are a comfortable relaxed fit and have elastic band at waist. There are two side pockets.

The 100% pure ecological linen material is an excellent choice for hot weather clothing - it is highly absorbent and breathing allowing you to be covered but still feeling fresh.

Each piece is individually cut, sawn and pre-washed. We really love making garments in various sizes - from petit to plus size and more. For the best fitting of these trousers please provide us know the following measurements:

- Your height
- Your waist circumference
- Your hip circumference
- Inseam and outer seam lengths (best measured from an existing pair of pants that are made from non-stretchy fabric)

Please allow for up to 10 DAYS to make the trousers for you.

The model is wearing size M


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