Ready to Ship: Linen Tunic with Ruffles 'Shirley',Size XL

Ready to ship. Linen Tunic with Ruffles 'Shirley', elegant linen tunic top, linen tunic for women, linen blouse woman, formal linen tunic ruffled, chic top

Color: Dusty Pink (FOTO)
Will fit size: XL

Finished measurements:
22" / 56cm wide at bust
23" / 59cm wide at hips
31" / 78cm long (the front of the tunic)

Elegant linen tunic with decorative ruffles around the sleeves and bottom hem. Conservative neckline with a small button closure at the back. Unnoticeable pockets for your comfort in the side seams.

Special look for your special moments. In the photos the tunic is made from 'Dusty Pink' colored linen.

Made from 100% pure European linen in medium weight this tunic is light and comfortable.


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