Ready to Ship: Loose Tunic Dress, Size M-XXL

Ready to ship. Loose Tunic Dress, Size M-XXL, Linen Dress, Linen Tunic Dress, Tunic for women, Plus size tunic, linen tunics for women

Color: Sea Green (FOTO)
Will fit size: M-XXL

Finished measurements:
23" / 58cm wide at bust
41" / 106cm long (the front of the dress)


Incredibly feminine yet comfortable linen tunic dress with handy patch pockets. Masterfully crafted from 100% high quality medium weight European linen with great attention to detail.

It will be your favourite go-to item and a great all season investment in your wardrobe.

This loose tunic dress is perfect with trousers and leggings or to wear as a dress.

One size fits most - loosely cut with drawstring adjustment at the back and at the lower hems.


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