Ready to Ship:Button Up Maxi Dress, Size M

Ready to ship. Button Up Maxi Dress Sleeveless Linen Dress Striped Pinafore Dress Jumper Maxi Dress Plus Size Sundress Linen Dress Women Pinafore Maternity

Color: Sea Green
Will fit size: M

Finished measurements:
18" / 45cm wide at bust
18" / 47cm wide at waist
48" / 122cm long (the front of the dress)

Your perfect button up jumper dress with a loose cut and handy in seam pockets. Wear it as it is, over a top, keep the buttons closed or open some of them if you feel like it. Lovely vintage inspired style that brings together femininity and comfort.

Gorgeous drape and loose fit.

Perfect for everyday wear - at home, beach, market.

Made from a 100% pure high quality European linen with its characteristic wonderful texture. The linen will become more distinctive the more you wear and wash it.


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