Ready to Ship:Women Linen Blazer 'Georgia-Rustic', Size M/L

Ready to ship. Women Linen Blazer 'Georgia-Rustic' Artist Linen cardigan, Linen Jacket Natural, Womens Linen Jacket Short, Womens Jacket, Plus size Blazer

Color: Thick herringbone (FOTO)
Will fit size: M/L

Finished measurements:
20" / 52cm wide at bust
21" / 54cm wide at hips
24" / 61cm long (the front of the jacket)


Stylish and universal linen jacket with lovely collar and decorative pockets. Stylish balance between cute and shabby.
In the images made from rustic thick herringbone weave natural taupe linen but you can also choose lighter weigh other colors.

Made from 100% pure European linen.

Great for layering over your top, tunic or dress. Made from medium light weight linen it will cover you while not adding extra heat.

Perfect solution for your wardrobe.


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