Linen and Wool Pullover Sweater 'Norde'

Size Guide

A rustic and beautiful pullover from linen and wool fabric (49% wool and 51% linen). It combines the soft natural taupe color of undyed linen with a beautiful dark navy blue wool. Together they create a lovely rich dark color with blue undertones.

Rustic look with the rough edges and simple lines. Combining the best qualities of both natural materials, the pullover will be thermo-regulating and durable.

Each piece is individually cut, sawn and pre-washed. We really love making garments for various sizes - from petit to plus size and more.

For the best fitting of this sweater please let us know the following measurements:

- your height
- your bust circumference
- your waist circumference
- your hip circumference

Please allow for up to 10 DAYS to make the pullover for you.


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