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Simple and comfortable white linen top with midi length sleeves that can be rolled up or kept at above-elbow length. The top also features two short slits on the sides.

Made from wonderfully textured and high quality medium weight European linen.

We offer these tops in milky white, natural taupe (undid) or pale peach linens.

Linen being highly absorbent fabric, the top will allow your body to breathe and feel at ease. And the more you wear and wash it the more it will gain in its character and softness.

Will look and feel equally great worn casually with jeans or for more official occasions with suit.

An eco friendly and mindful choice for everyone seeking high quality materials and comfortable fit.

The top will be custom made for you within 10 days with great attention to finishing.

Each piece is individually cut, sawn and pre-washed. We really love making various sizes - from petit to plus size and more. For the best fitting of this shirt please let us know the following measurements:

- your height or your neck to waist measurement
- your bust circumference
- your waist circumference
- if you have specific request as to how long you would want the shirt or its sleeves, do let us know
- ! for larger sizes also biceps circumference is a good measurement for us to have.

Please allow for up to 10 DAYS to make the shirt for you.

The model is wearing size M


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