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Linenbee New Arrivals Fall 2019

September 24, 2019 2 min read

Linenbee New A/W 2019 Collection

That moment is here!

We are releasing the new styles that we hope will get you through the winter/summer and upcoming gift season. We have more than 20 new designs, plus more than 12 new linen colours & patterns! That is a lot to explore! To guide you through the new arrivals, I wanted to share more about the principles behind our design process and highlight some styles that illustrate those values most clearly.  

1) Comfort and Ease of Use

We believe clothing should be comfortable. That is why we work with linen and why we make garments that flow easily and have a loose fit. Most of our clients are creative, busy people and clothing should support whatever you do- from working in studio, presenting in public, to gardening and taking care of running toddlers in kinder garden. linen dress linen dress Mary linen dress linen dress Jo Ann

2) Feminine Details and Size Inclusivity

We have a saying that even a potato sack will look great on a model. But what about real women? Our clients are real women (and men! Sorry gents about the feminine reference, but you get the point, right?) with bodies that are changing, have carried children, joys as well as sorrows. We have always taken pride in making custom sizing from petite to plus and developing styles that have lovely feminine details. linen dress linen tunic dress linen dress linen t-shirts Venice


3) Variety of Colder/Warmer Weather

It is such a joy to work with you all across the globe. While Northern Hemisphere slowly drifts into the winter, the South enter the summer. With that in mind we have created not only tunics and dresses with long sleeves and warmer garments like the linen+wool jacket Berta, but also sleeveless tops and pinafore dresses. linen tunic linen tunic linen and wool jacket linen shirt dress Maia

4) Gift giving season 

Gift giving season is approaching. Sharing your love of linen with people you care about is such a good idea. Either you want to gift a pure linen scarf, apron, or a flowy kaftan - we've got you covered. Will share more gift ideas in the next Newsletter. linen kaftan for men linen apron linen linen kaftan for women Rose

Let me know what you think! Which styles speak to you immediately? Which colors are 'yours'? I have to admit that I've been wearing Berta jacket almost daily lately- matching it with more formal as well as casual outfits and absolutely loving it. Now I wear it more as a light coat, but as the winter starts, it will be used more as a warm cardigan and I just can't wait. Knowing that I have a reliable ally makes the season change so much more enjoyable :) 

Don't forget to explore the rest of the New Arrivals as these are only few out of many! 



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