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Behind the Scenes at Linenbee: how we make your garments & home textiles

October 02, 2019 4 min read 3 Comments

Behind the Scenes at Linenbee


What happens after you place an order with us? Join me as I describe the journey of how Linenbee garments and textiles are created. In the process I highlight some of the values that are dear to us and inform the way we work. 

1) You place an order with Linenbee

Correct! That is the first step because we work on 'made to order' basis, which means that each item is made only after it is being ordered. This allows us to be very flexible and offer you a wide variety of linen colors, as well as stay open to any modifications you might want to have. You need shorter sleeves? A different neck-line? Specific length? No problem. As your garment is made only for you, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs. This makes shopping with us a real personal and custom tailored experience. E-mail us or mention your measurements in the notes to seller as part of the check-out process. handmade linen clothing and home textiles

2) We prepare the fabric

Based on your measurements and the garment style we measure how much fabric your garment or home textile will need, and cut the right amount off from the big rolls of fabric. In the process we double check the flax material for quality. Any accidental spots from dyes? Any large slubs/lumps that can create a hole? If yes, then that section of linen won't be used for your order. 

While many of the flax linen fabrics we make clothing from are already pre-shrunk and softened, many others will need washing and drying. When possible we air-dry the linen, which is a much kinder and environmentally sounder way to go about it. Depending on the particular order we do this before or after sewing. Very often this step takes an extra day before the order can be shipped out. But we think that it is totally worth it. cutting the right amount of fabric

3) One item - One skilled seamstress 

Your order is picked up by one of our talented seamstresses. Unlike in garment factories where each worker is sewing only one specific part of the garment, e.g. - a sleeve - all day long, at Linenbee each item is made by only one skilled seamstress from start to finish. We find that incredibly important. For quality. For human decency. For the pride of craft and development of skills. All seamstresses that we work with have more than 20 year experience in modelling and sewing and each takes great pride in the work that they do. 

At Linenbee a professional seamstress works on your order from beginning to the end

4) We adjust the pattern and cut the parts

It is very rare that a person actually fits a standard size throughout. We're all unique - from petite to plus and fit in between sizes more often than not, having one part of the body closer to one size and another part to a different size. So we take all of that in account as we pin the pattern to the fabric and hand-draw the necessary adjustments. Then each piece gets cut out. Rather than having dozens of garment pieces cut out in batch, we adjust for the best fit, and hand-cut each section of your garment separately one by one.

 5) We start sewing

When each piece is cut, there starts the process of sewing. It might sound surprising, but sewing is actually one of the quickest parts of the work. As each seam is sewn, it needs to be pressed and ironed for precision, before proceeding with the next seam. It is in this back and forth process between the sewing machine, overlock and the ironing board that the beautiful garments actually emerge. Many of our clients remark the wonderful quality of our garments & the finishes of home textiles. It surely starts with quality material, but it is right here where the quality is forged. creates linen clothing and home textiles

6) Ironing, folding and quality control

When the garment or finished home textile finally emerges, it is being ironed and folded and double checked. This is a sweet moment :) we get to enjoy the sense of achievement that comes with any well fulfilled task and get excited thinking how very soon you'll receive it. From our hands to yours. From our hearts to yours. custom linen clothing and textiles

7) Packaging and shipping 

We collect the orders that are ready for the shipping on that day, and start printing out shipping labels, filling in the postal forms and packaging the order. We try to keep it as simple and kind as possible - no excess of marketing material, no plastic bags. There is plastic bubble wrap inside the shipping envelopes we use, but we hope to switch to corn based envelopes soon, because recycling of bubble wrap is not well regulated and unfortunately not possible in all communities. Around 3PM all the orders are packed and off we go to our local postal office. Why 3 PM you might wonder? Because then the packages are brought to the sorting centre the very same day and leave Latvia already the next morning. packaging

8) Staying in touch  

After your package is shipped we e-mail you letting you know the track and trace code, and what in our experience is the average time it takes for the package to arrive. If the time we have indicated has passed and the package has not arrived, please get in touch with us. Luckily, big problems happen rarely and with good communication can be usually quickly solved.

We really look forward to hearing from you when your package arrives. Some of you share photos, some provide feedback on what could be improved, others share how they get to enjoy the garments. Please know that all of that means the world to us. Most probably reading this list of all the steps that go into fulfilling and making your order already gives away how much we care that you are happy with the order, but in any case let me reassure you - without you being happy, we couldn't do this!


We are so lucky and thankful to be working like this, and consider our new and returning clients to be part of our Linenbee family. 

Thank you for shopping small, supporting our family & the values we cherish! Let's stay in touch! You can sign up to our Newsletter by clicking here.  

3 Responses

Linda Grashoff
Linda Grashoff

March 18, 2020

I can attest to Linenbee’s designs appealing to more than younger people. I am 77, and I love my Linenbee shirt. In fact, I’m looking forward to receiving my second shirt, which I ordered a few days ago.


October 03, 2019

Thanks for writing, Chris. To answer your question, our customer base has a very wide age range, and I think that as a brand we appeal to a wide demographic that is maybe not so much defined by age, but more by lifestyle and appreciation of natural, handmade products.

Chris Wenthe
Chris Wenthe

October 03, 2019

I notice that all your lovely models are on the younger side. Do you think that your designs tend to appeal to that age demographic?

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