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How to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list: Linenbee Gift Guide

October 09, 2019 3 min read 1 Comment

How to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list: Linenbee Gift Guide

How to come up with great gift ideas? 

Many of you like to surprise your family members and friends with high quality and meaningful gifts for holidays and special life events such as birthdays, weddings, house warming, etc. While I sometimes struggle to come up with ideas what to gift, my mom is simply a champ in this area. She just l-o-v-e-s gift giving and always has great ideas that make her gifts really special. So for this blog post we share some principles that she uses when thinking about what to gift. Here are four concrete tips on how you can come up with the best presents to make the recipients happy. 

1) Support their dreams, hobbies and passions

Very often we need just small encouragement to start doing what we have been dreaming about for long time, but not daring to start ourselves. Nothing makes you feel more appreciated than seeing that people support what you love and care about.
For someone aspiring of expressing themselves in crafts, a gift including a craft apron, a set of paints or a creativity book will show that you want to support their dreams. While someone who loves cooking will always appreciate a set of good, sturdy linen kitchen towels. Add to them a small note saying that you can’t wait for all the wonderful things the person will create for a more personal and encouraging touch. 
Linenbee Pinafore ApronLinen kitchen towels

2) Gift experiences 

    Experiences are everything, especially the ones that can be shared! One of the favourite gift types to both give and receive in our family are gift cards for SPA or theatre and other sorts of shows. This allows to be together as a family and enjoy something new. 
    A voucher for a cooking class, comedy show or music performance will always be a lovely surprise. Back in the day I would give to all my family members cinema tickets to Harry Potter movies that released every year around Christmas…so that was me for 8 years straight 😄 (not particularly creative, I know, but there is a word to be said for starting new traditions, right?). It was so great to go to the cinema with all the family, including my grandparents and aunts and uncles. 
    Linen Kaftan for MenLinen Shawl Linenbee

    3) Challenge to try something new

      We all have our routine ways of going about life - from what we wear to what we eat. Sometimes it is exactly people around us that have good suggestions on what new to try. Maybe something you would have not thought yourself. For example, a particular style of dress that you would have never imagined to try, or maybe encouraging more sustainable practices such as using cloth napkins and towels instead of paper towels. Supporting someone's personal transformation is a truly special gift. 
      Linen napkins are a great alternative for paper towelsLinen loungewear

      4) Think about what important things are going on in the person’s life

        We think that gifts are really powerful when they speak to what important is going on in the persons life. That means also practical and season appropriate gifts are always a good choice. I firmly believe that tablecloths make a great gift choice, especially around holiday season when we get to spend so much time around table enjoying food and each others company.  
        Linen Tablecloth by LinenbeeLinen Tablecloth
        I hope some of this got your inspiration going and your loved ones can expect to be surprised. Do you struggle with finding appropriate gifts? What are some of your tried and tested ways of coming up with gifts for everyone on your list? 

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        October 29, 2019

        All great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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